jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008

Nationalism business

Why do people care about nationalism? Nationalism, patriotism, whatever, is a feeling; No doubt! A powerful and multiform feeling that moves ideas, icons, and even ‘objective’ realities!

National icons and ideas seem to be an abstract simplification of traditions, habits, costumes, education, that’s it, lifestyles –Around the world Cocacola has been representing the USA freedom along decades-. In other words, throughout a few symbols is able to represent successfully the ethics of a group of people (its behavior). This logical ability brings to few a powerful position to control many. Even more, as lowest is the mental vigor of many as simplest and easiest must be the ideas by means of a few could affect and control many. By the other hand, to control and affect vigorous minds (demonstrated by its independency) is necessary to develop complex, exclusive and multiperspective ideas; here we realize the differences between low and high culture! –To me it’s not true the liberal dogma that claims: high culture is build over the freedom; Renaissances is a demonstration against liberalism-

Many uses to be mental weak, so, it’s not a big surprise to appreciate how tend to believe they are different from others in order of their ID card. In fact, it’s an easy way to talk, as to think reality up too! By this logical trick many use to gather around some simply icons to recognizance each other as equals, even more, they tend to steal and appropriate what others have done by means of the abstract idea of nation: If the national basketball team wins a championship, people say -we all are the winners!!! We all are the best!!!- Obviously one could ask them -What did you win watching that game, bro?- The answers uses to be as simple as that –We all are from the same nation, so if they win I do too- Here we meet with a pure and clear syllogism. But, by a while, I laugh at the logic once I realize I don’t get the same feelings than many, so -How could I use their syllogisms and rational arguments?-. My feelings are different; my logical way to think about reality differs from many. And that’s fare.

Well so, here I am, living in Catalonia; and today is its national day (yes, the same day Ben Laden attacked USA). To Catalans 11º September it’s a symbolical date to claim for the independency. This is the greatest tradition of this millenary nation: protesting to be ruled by the Spanish system. Nevertheless, to me it means nothing; I feel nothing about it. I just don’t care. I put my energies in other business. I don’t believe in catalonia independency, but catalans should attempt to rule Spain. No, I’m feed up of regionalist politicians –They all are just mediocre and simple-mined-.

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